List of notable dates and events in the life and service of the 16th

Minesweeping Squadron.


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The Bird, (ex-RN Ton), class minesweeper HMAS HAWK, (CMDR D. A. Ross, RAN), was commissioned. HAWK, (as HMS GAMSTON, renamed SOMERLEYTON), was laid down in Richards Ironworks Ltd, Lowestoft, England, in June 1953, and launched on 17 September 1955. She was purchased for the RAN in 1962


The Bird, (ex-RN Ton), class minesweeper HMAS GULL, (LEUT A. L. Beaumont, RAN), was commissioned. GULL, (as HMS SWANSTON), was laid down in J. S. Doig Ltd, Grimsby, England, in August 1953, and launched on 1 July 1954. In 1962 she was purchased for the RAN.


The Bird, (ex-RN Ton), class minesweeper HMAS CURLEW, (LEUT B. J. G. Dunn, RAN), was commissioned. CURLEW was laid down in Montrose Shipyard Ltd, Scotland, in April 1953, and launched on 6 October 1953. She was purchased for the RAN IN 1962.


The Bird, (ex-RN Ton), class minesweeper HMAS TEAL, (LEUT M. B. Rayment, RAN), was commissioned. TEAL, (as HMS JACKTON), was laid down in Philip & Son Ltd, Dartmouth, England, in January 1953, and launched on 28 February 1955. She was purchased for the RAN IN 1962


The Bird, (ex-RN Ton), class minesweeper HMAS IBIS, (LCDR J.G. Stacey, RAN), was commissioned. IBIS, (as HMS SINGLETON), was laid down in Montrose Shipyard Ltd, Scotland, in October 1953, and launched on 18 November 1955.


The Bird, (ex-RN Ton), class minesweeper HMAS SNIPE, (LEUT P. H. James, RAN), was commissioned. SNIPE, (as HMS ALCASTON), was laid down in John I Thornycroft & Co Ltd, Southampton, England, in July 1951, and launched on 5 January 1953.


HMAS WATERHEN, on shore establishment)  in Sydney, was commissioned.

Australia promised naval support in the Indonesian-Malaysian confrontation crisis.


The Minister for the Navy, Mr. F. C. Chaney, announced the dispatch of the HMAS Ships HAWK and GULL, (minesweepers), to Singapore, for operations during the Indonesian-Malaysian confrontation.


HMAS TEAL, (minesweeper), intercepted two Indonesian sampans off Borneo. The

sampans opened fire, and TEAL retaliated, killing three of the crew. LEUT K. Murray, RAN, TEAL’s captain, was awarded the DSC for gallantry in the action. This was the only gallantry award to an RAN officer in the Indonesian-Malaysian confrontation.


LEUT K. Murray, RAN, of HMAS TEAL, (minesweeper), was awarded the DSC for conspicuous service in Malaysian waters, during the Indonesian-Malayan



ASLT J. M. Hutchinson, RAN, (a Fleet Air Arm pilot from HMAS MELBOURNE), was killed when his aircraft crashed in the Malacca Straits. He was the only RAN casualty for Confrontation, (the low level insurgency conflict between Malaysia and Indonesia during 1964-66)


HMAS HAWK, (Ton class minesweeper), berthed at Semporna, (Malay State of Sabah), for rest and recreation leave during her patrols associated with Confrontation. Later that day one of her crew returned onboard drunk, and took one of the ships 9mm Owen sub machine guns, and started to fire it indiscriminately around the ship. Over 300 rounds were fired causing some

damage to the ship, but fortunately no one was hit. The sailor was eventually subdued, and later medically discharged from the RAN.


The Australian Naval Board approved ‘Australia’ shoulder insignia as standard

uniform for the RAN.


Confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia officially ceased.
Several RAN units, including destroyer escorts, and the Ton class minesweepers, had been involved in the confrontation, mainly conducting anti-infiltration patrols off

Singapore, and Sabah/Sarawak in East Malaysia.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave Royal Consent to the new Australian White Ensign.

The Prime Minister, Mr Harold Holt, announced to Parliament that the new Australian White Ensign was formally approved


The Australian White Ensign was hoisted in all ships and establishments of the

RAN. The British White Ensign had been used by the RAN since 1913.


First 16th MSS Reunion held in Yamba, NSW.

RAN 16th Minesweeping Squadron plaque dedication held at the Australian War Museum, Canberra, ACT, for recognition to peacekeeping service during the Indonesian-Malaysian conflict.


Memorial and Plaque laying at HMNZS Philomel New Zealand.

RAN 16th Minesweeping Squadron plaque dedication at Bundamba Memorial, QLD.


Second 16th MSS Reunion held in Noosa and Tewantin


Permission Granted by VA Griggs, RAN to the RAN 16th Minesweeping Squadron Reunion and Social Club  sole access and use  of the new 16th Minesweeping Squadron Crest to represent the Minesweeping Squadron, as voted for by the Squadron members back in 2009.



Third 16th MSS Reunion, held in Twin Towns, Tweed Head, QLD

Fourth 16th MSS Reunion held  in Twin Towns, Tweed Head, QLD

The Inauguaration of the Australian Mine Warfare Team 16 

Fifth 16th MSS Reunion in Twin Towns, Tweed Head QLD.