The 16th MINESWEEPING SQUADRON Reunion will be held in November this year to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Confrontation.
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2014 marks the 100 years since the start of world war I.

In 1914 another war broke out in Europe. Tensions between Imperialist Germany and Yugoslavia resulted in the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria who was on a state visit to Serbia, which was subjugated to Austria a  came to a rapid and violent conclusion. This resulted with Germany being at war with just about everyone of its neighbours over its invasion of the sovereign territory of Belgium. France and Russia, Great Britain decided to take decisive action, and in November of 1914, Britain and her Colonial subject territories declared war on Germany.
Australian forces were involved from an early point during the war as propaganda and government ministers vied with one another for the most heroic headlines. Many ministers and MPs used words like Patriotic, Duty, Empire and Mother country to guild support for an early entry into the growing war in Europe.

Billed as the war to end all wars, the first world war was a bloody and murderous rampage across Europe with nearly 59, 000 Australians killed and over 166,00 injured. For a small burgeoning nation on the edge of the then British Empire, the death rate was catastrophic.

One of the bloodiest and deadliest of battles took place at Gallipoli in the European Mediterranean country of Turkey. It was to be one of the biggest defeats and miss calculations of the entire war. WWI changed forever the relationship between Australia and Great Britain. Much has been written about the war to end all wars, and in this year, the 100th anniversary of the start of the war, we look back and attempt to piece together the events that led to some of the deadliest battles in modern warfare and how they have shaped the view of Australia as a nation.

Notable Australian Involvement in WWI

Battle of Lone Pine


Polygon Wood

HMAS Sydney and the Battle of Cocos

World War I - Anniversary and Commemoration 100