The 16th MINESWEEPING SQUADRON Reunion will be held in November this year to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Confrontation.
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HMAS Hawk as seen from the Gull

Photo courtesy of Brian Gray ©


 Bluey Granthan on the Bren

Arms Practice

Les Figg, Tony Minchin, John Whitelaw, Rod Beckinsale (partly obscured).remainder unknown.

Crack the tinnies!  

Rod Beckinsale has kindly shared these photos of his time upon HMAS Hawk during Borneo.

© All rights reserved, Rod Beckinsale

This was after anincident in which an intercepted

boat detonated explosives whentaken alongside an RN minesweeper.From that time on the procedure

was to make the crew of intercepted boats swim to theship. Some boats were then sunk by gunfire from the ship's 40/60 bofors.

Boat intercept.

At anchor somewhere around Malaysia/Borneo


Practice time

Bomber Brown on the fo'c'sle. Note the twin vickers MG mounted on the bow.

HMAS HAWK        M1139

Archive Photographs

Les Figg, Tony Minchin, Buck Raynor ( obscurred) and Pete Noonan.

Steak sangers at a banyan.

HMAS Hawk and HMAS Gull in harbour at Kuching

Photo courtesy of Brian Gray ©


This house has been constructed from the timbers of the HMAS Hawk. Watergoes Beach Byron Bay, NSW.

Photo: by Charles Mohun, used with kind  permission from the estate of the late John Foster RAN ©

The HMAS Hawk House is currently available for year round let as a holiday home. The current owners appear to have spent a lot of money on renovating and retaining the nautical theme and can be found by a simple google search.

The Hawk House

HMAS Hawk in England

Photo courtesy of Brian Gray ©


HMAS Hawk being dismantled and broken up for

salvage at Maclean on the Clarence River, northern NSW, 1987 photo: Charles Mohun, used with kind

permission from the estate of the late John Foster RAN ©

The Hawk  dismantled

Brian Gray has kindly shared these photos with us from his time on HMAS Hawk.

© All rights reserved, Brian Gray