The 16th MINESWEEPING SQUADRON Reunion will be held in November this year to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Confrontation.
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The late Allan T Jones represented the RAN16th Minesweeping Squadron when he attended a Memorial and Plaque dedication service in New Zealand for the RNZN Minesweepers in July 2006.

Here are the photographs and account of his time as guest of the RNZN which took place only 4 months before he passed away.

For as long as there has been a Navy, Australia and New Zealand have shared together many conflicts and peaceful exercises joining together in a bond that is unique and unlike any other in the world and so it was in The Indonesian Confrontation, the forgotten passage of time that both of our governments hoped  our presence would go unnoticed due to the sensitive nature of our relationship with Indonesia, luck was on the governments side, with the increase of the tension in Vietnam happening so close to home away from the front pages, even today few people know of our deep involvement and it must have been harder for the New Zealand Navy, for the first time in history ships commissioned into the RNZN, manned in the most part by RNZN personnel never went anywhere near New Zealand! in addition, one of their sweepers fired the last shot in anger for a New Zealand Ship up until the

present time.

From the time of their service during the confrontation they worked closely with ships of the RAN 16th MSS and it was

wonderful to have some of their crews attend our dedication in Canberra in March, when I decided that I would go to New Zealand to attend their dedication service in July I was happy to be able to represent the RAN 16th Minesweeping Squadron.

From the moment I arrived in Auckland I was made to feel very welcome and was invited to participate in the formal service on Sunday by sharing the reading of the Scripture Lessons with the RNZN Chief of Navy: Rear

Admiral David Ledson ONZM.

A huge amount of planning had gone into the whole event with the dinner on Saturday being attended by many

Veterans from the sweeper days, His Excellency, The Malaysian Commissioner who presented the PJM to some of the Veterans,( I did notice that the case the Kiwi's got their medal in was bigger than ours! ),I had the opportunity to make a speech and expressed the hope to them that their dedication service gave them the same feeling of closure that many of our Veterans felt after our service in Canberra.

On behalf of the Mayor of Ipswich, Cr Paul Pisasale, who is a great supporter of our Naval Sub-Section, I presented to Admiral Ledson the book HMAS Ipswich, standing with us was the Malaysian High Commissioner, who, with every Veteran there received an Ipswich Heritage Pin, ( My friends know how I hate the media! ),

Gerry signed and gave me a copy of his book "A Kiwi on our funnel" for our Mayor.

After the service on Sunday I was taken in tow by Gavin and his wife Pat along with their son who is a Lt in the RNZN for a cooks tour of the Naval Base and to some of the highlights of Auckland, a very hectic two days but a time that I am glad I was able to do and proud to have represented the Royal Australian Navy 16th Minesweeping Squadron.

Allan T Jones

RNZN- Dedication - New Zealand - HMNZS Philomel

Allan Jones' address

Chaplain Wayne Toleafoa and Gerry Wright

Principal Naval Chaplain Wayne Toleafoa, Lindsay Roberts (Santon coxswain), Bill Newell (Hickleton REM), Gerry Wright

(reunion coordinator), Geoff Kelly (Mull of Kintyre technician)

Allan Jones and Navy Friend

Original anchor from cruiser Philomel


HMNZS Philomel Landing

Quaterdeck, new entry school.

Canterbury - paid off and awaiting disposal The Last RNZN steam ship.

New entry school parade ground - GI's

still exist!!!!!

HMNZS Tamaki bell (ex-new entry training establishment)

Base chapel building (left) and conference centre (right)

Leander class propellor - Canterbury, Waikato, Wellington, Southland. Outside Engineering school.

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With grateful thanks to Gerry Wright for help with photograph identification.